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Italian – Slovak


for Energy Industry


The Consortium was officially founded as "Taliansko-Slovenské Konzorcium pre Energetický Priemysel" / "Consorzio Italo – Slovacco per l'Industria Energetica". English translation is: "Italian – Slovak Consortium for Energy Industry". Our non-profit organization was founded in May 2009. At the moment, the Consortium has 35 members: Italian and Slovak companies specialized in energy sector. Most of the Italian companies have a long cooperation history with ENEL in different fields, and the Slovak companies have long and rich experience in mainly nuclear energy field. Consorcium is actively cooperating with other energy sectors as well, giving the priority to the renewable energy sources. 

 We are beginning the intensive cooperation in the field of youth and volunteerismOur goal is being active leader in Central European and wider European context. Check our section of the 
Initiatives "Out of ENERGY".  
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Italian – Slovak Consortium for Energy Industry / Taliansko-Slovenské Konzorcium pre Energetický Priemysel / Consorzio Italo – Slovacco per l'Industria Energetica 


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Bratislava 81101



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Currently, the association brings together 35 members from Slovakia and Italy. All consortium members have several years of experience in the energy sector; especially Italian companies in the field of conventional fossil fuel power plants, hydro, solar and photovoltaic power. Slovak companies have more than 50 years of experience and know - how in the field of nuclear energy and new resources management, nuclear plants life extension and nuclear waste decommissioning.


Italy, regarding to the referendum in the 80´s, where the nuclear program of a country has been halted, has priority in nuclear decommissioning, waste treatment and removal of contaminated sites.


The combination of experience between Italians and Slovaks strikes a good basis for cooperation prospects in the future.


The consortium worked with a number of professionals who are linguistically trained and students, youth, volunteers who would like to develop their activities in the context of environmental education.


In addition, we develop active cooperation with universities, dedicated to teaching and research related to energy, environment and alternative energy sources.


Rome, 31st January 2014. Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Italy held a seminar on new systems of electromobility.


CISIE, the Ministry of Economy, National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and GreenWay were co-organizers of this project.


Speakers: Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Rome, Mária Krasnohorská Director of the strategic investment MoE, A. Ferenczy CEO NADSME, B. Safarik Managing Partner and Operator GreenWay, P. Badík Director Mobilità sostenibile Polo di Cisterna di Latina, Prof. Fabio Massimo Frattali Mascioli.



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* Management and coordination of activities of associated members (obtaining supplies of works, goods, management of work), services for other companies, especially in the context of environmental protection and the development of energy self-sufficiency in Slovakia


* The Association supports the work of its members, aimed at achieving implementation and upgrading network infrastructure and equipment for power generation


* Cooperation with public authorities, the business sector and the third sector in order to facilitate the development of individual regions of Slovakia


* Promoting the entry of foreign investment into the region 


* Providing consultation and information services to its members


* Organizing seminars, exhibitions and presentations of projects and initiatives


* Youth work, environmental activities and education




Rome, 11th-12th December 2013. The Italian state company SOGIN SpA and the Czech Embassy in Rome have organized at a conference on the Nuclear industry of the Czech Republic.


Speakers: Giuseppe Zollino, President SOGIN SpA; Petr Buriánek, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Italy; Riccardo Casale, Director General SOGIN SpA; Emanuele Fontana, Director General NUCLECO SpA; Pavel Burkovský, representative SKODA JS;Radek Trtílek, Director of the Division of Chemistry of the fuel cycle and waste management for Nuclear Research Institute Rez; Francesco Troiani, Director of the Division, waste management and decommissioning of Unit SOGIN SpA; Charles Henry, inspector of nuclear safety SONS (State Office for Nuclear Safety) and Roberto Ranieri, ISPRA.


Rome, 28th November 2013. We held a workshop on Nuclear safety in Slovakia and related legislation. The seminar covered the following topics: * legislation in the field of nuclear safety and health at work * storage of radioactive material and nuclear safety documentation * decommissioning of nuclear installations * Slovakia ´s challenges in the field of nuclear energy and labor law.





Rome, 26th March 2013. Slovak Embassy in Rome, Italian - Slovak Chamber of Commerce and CISIE has organized a workshop for Slovak entrepreneurs about the "LDPE 4 construction in Slovakia".


The aim of the seminar was to provide space for Slovak companies to obtain detailed information about the possibilities of new cooperation. This workshop was held under the auspices of the Chairs of the Slovakian - Italian Friendship Group; opened by Mrs. Mária Krásnohorská, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Rome. President of our Consorcium, Rastislav Chovanec and Deputy Chairman of Italian - Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Emanuele Cerroni spoke afterwards.


Brussels, 22nd January 2013. CISIE placed the petition to the Petition Committee of the European Parliament.


Our petition was to support an increase in funding to BIDSF (Bohunice International Decommissioning Support Fund), which is financed by the European Fund and is intended to fund decommissioning of radioactive waste. Specific questions regarding the future funding of decommissioning two blocks Bohunice V1, which ensures Slovak public company Javys, were asked. The petition was received positively and forwarded for consideration to the Committee of Insustry and the Committee of Energy.



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Rome, 17th July 2012. Embassy of the Slovak Republic held a seminar about the Removal of contaminated sites of nuclear facilities and Nuclear waste management; CISIE was the co-organizer, together with the Slovak Embassy in Rome and the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce.


Speakers: Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Italy, Mary Krasnohorská; President of the parliamentary group of friendship betwen Italy and Slovakia, Beatrice Lorenzin; President of the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Alberto Gerotto; President of CISIE, Rastislav Chovanec; State Secretary from Ministry for Economic Development of the Republic of Italy, Claudio De Vincenti; State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Dušan Petrik; CEO Sogin, Giuseppe Nucci; Chairman of the OECD / NEA / CPD, Ivo Tripputi and Director of purchasing and procurement Sogin, Lucca Perrone.



Rome, 10th February 2010. Embassy of the Slovak Republic held a seminar on Italian-Slovak trade work in the field of energy; CISIE was the co-organizer, together with the Slovak Embassy in Rome and the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce.


Speakers: Slovak Ambassador in Rome, Stanislav Vallo; State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Italian Government, Roberto Castelli; President of the Commission for Industry Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic, Andrea Gibelli; President of CISIE, Ing. Rastislav Chovanec, PhD.; Chairman of the CSIE´s Technical Commission Dott. Bruno Caparini; Secretary-General of Italy-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Dott. Alessandro Villa.

Rome, 6th May 2010. Slovak Embassy in Rome and Italy, Slovak Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Transport of the Italian Republic, CISIE and association ADITER held the Italian - Slovak workshop on Infrastructure development.


Speakers: Roberto Castelli, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Italian Republic; Milan Mojš, State Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications; Radomír Boháč, General Director of the Economic Cooperation and Development Assistance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Marco Desiderata, Committee on Transport, Deputies of the Italian Republic; Peter Pelegrini, Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for Economic Policy; Piergiorgio Stiffoni, Senate of the Italian Republic; Massimo Ponzellini, chairman of Banca Popolare di Milano; Rastislav Chovanec, adviser of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republicand President of CISIE; Renzo Bossi, parliamentary member of Lombardia region and Director of ADITER; Flavio Cattaneo, General Director of Terna SpA.

Rome, 13th October 2009. Embassy of the Slovak Republic held a seminar on the development of the energy industry between Slovakia and Italy; CISIE was the co-organizer, together with ENEL and Slovenské elektrárne.


Speakers: Stanislav Vallo, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Rome; Stefania Prestigiacomo, Minister of Environment of the Italian Republic; JUDr. Radomír Boháč, General Directorof Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic; Dr. Carlo Tamburi, Director of the International Division of Enel Group; Ing. Alena Žáková, Director of the International Relations in the Department of Energy, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic; Stefano Sagle, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic; Andrea Gibelli, President of the Commission of Industry, Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic; Ing. Giancarlo Aquilanti, Director of the Department of Nuclear Enel Group; Dr. Paolo Ruzzini, General Director of Slovenské elektrárne; Dr. Ignacio Jaquotot, General Director of the VUB Bank; Ing. Rastislav Chovanec, PhD., President of the CISIE.







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