Our main goals for 2014 are:


- seamless continuation of our activities in the energy sector, w.m. empowering the cooperation between Slovakian and Italian companies 


- addition of the third countries within the sphere of our collaboration; our goal lies in the spreading of activities in the Central Europe, Western Balkans and Eastern European countries 


- giving a credit to the youth work and youth activism, as we have understood that the personal energy and ideas coming from the young Europeans are the engine of European progress


- accept the challenge of Renewable energy sector,which is in a constant change, improvement and doubt; contribute to the process of it´s tweaking under the scope of larger regional cooperation


- establishing a platform: meeting point, where businesses, investors, analytics, experts and researchers will meet and discuss the new challenges of the self-sufficiency of the Slovakia and it´s neighbours in the energy sector





* increase the number of projects that will be initiated and performed by CISIE


* the acquisition of new partners from Central Europe and Balkans 


* start-up activities for young people, empowering the specific regions in Slovakia, that are holding the unappreciated cultural, ecological and energetic capital


* increasing regional, national and European cooperation within our projects



...as for the specific challenge of 2014, look after the next page!